SpringDescription class

Structure that describes a spring's constants.

Used to configure a SpringSimulation.


SpringDescription({double mass, double stiffness, double damping })
Creates a spring given the mass, stiffness, and the damping coefficient. [...]
SpringDescription.withDampingRatio({double mass, double stiffness, double ratio: 1.0 })
Creates a spring given the mass (m), stiffness (k), and damping ratio (ζ). The damping ratio is especially useful trying to determining the type of spring to create. A ratio of 1.0 creates a critically damped spring, > 1.0 creates an overdamped spring and < 1.0 an underdamped one. [...]


damping → double
The damping coefficient (c). [...]
mass → double
The mass of the spring (m). The units are arbitrary, but all springs within a system should use the same mass units.
stiffness → double
The spring constant (k). The units of stiffness are M/T², where M is the mass unit used for the value of the mass property, and T is the time unit used for driving the SpringSimulation.
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