SliverGridLayout class

The size and position of all the tiles in a RenderSliverGrid.

Rather that providing a grid with a SliverGridLayout directly, you instead provide the grid a SliverGridDelegate, which can compute a SliverGridLayout given the current SliverConstraints.

The tiles can be placed arbitrarily, but it is more efficient to place tiles in roughly in order by scroll offset because grids reify a contiguous sequence of children.

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  • @immutable


Abstract const constructor. This constructor enables subclasses to provide const constructors so that they can be used in const expressions.


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computeMaxScrollOffset(int childCount) → double
The scroll extent needed to fully display all the tiles if there are childCount children in total. [...]
getGeometryForChildIndex(int index) SliverGridGeometry
The size and position of the child with the given index.
getMaxChildIndexForScrollOffset(double scrollOffset) → int
The maximum child index that is visible at (or before) this scroll offset.
getMinChildIndexForScrollOffset(double scrollOffset) → int
The minimum child index that is visible at (or after) this scroll offset.
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