CachingAssetBundle class

An AssetBundle that permanently caches string and structured resources that have been fetched.

Strings (for loadString and loadStructuredData) are decoded as UTF-8. Data that is cached is cached for the lifetime of the asset bundle (typically the lifetime of the application).

Binary resources (from load) are not cached.

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runtimeType → Type
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evict(String key) → void
If this is a caching asset bundle, and the given key describes a cached asset, then evict the asset from the cache so that the next time it is loaded, the cache will be reread from the asset bundle.
loadString(String key, { bool cache: true }) → Future<String>
Retrieve a string from the asset bundle. [...]
loadStructuredData<T>(String key, Future<T> parser(String value)) → Future<T>
Retrieve a string from the asset bundle, parse it with the given function, and return the function's result. [...]
load(String key) → Future<ByteData>
Retrieve a binary resource from the asset bundle as a data stream. [...]
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toString() → String
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operator ==(dynamic other) → bool
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